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    Camp Fire Girls in War and Peace

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: A kernel of compressed menace, it burst explosively, spread elastically, until the very sky--the peaceful, lambs-wool New England sky--seemed darkened by its threat, until the brown buds, withered in their tender youth, and the rags of yellow grasses...

    The Saintsbury Affair

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: Let me see where the story begins. Perhaps I can date it from the telephone invitation to dinner which I received one Monday from my dear and kind friend Mrs. Whyte....

    Silanus the Christian

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: Many years have elapsed since the author was constrained (not by a priori considerations but by historical and critical evidence) to disbelieve in the miraculous element of the Bible. Yet he retained the belief of his childhood and youthrooted more f...

    The Disappearing Eye

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: Adventures are to the adventurous, said Cannington, with the air of a man who believes that he is saying something undeniably smart....

    A History of the Peninsula war 半岛战争史

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: It is many years since an attempt has been made in England to deal with the general history of the Peninsular War. Several interesting and valuable diaries or memoirs of officers who took part in the great struggle have been published of late[1], but...

    The Story-book of Science

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: Of the increasing success and widening popularity of the elementary science series written chiefly in the seclusion of Srignan by the gifted French naturalist who was destined to give that obscure hamlet a distinction hardly inferior to the renown en...

    Some Irish Yesterdays

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: Twelfth Day was accordingly added to Miss Gerraghty's list of Bath Holidaysthat is to say, the list allotted to Miss Gerraghty's visitors. Judging from appearances, her private list was composed of one infinite bath holiday; indeed, she has been hear...

    The Young Salesman

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: Halfway across the Atlantic the good ship Arcturus was making her way from Liverpool to New York. She was a sailing vessel, and her speed by no means equaled that of the mighty steamships, more than one of which passed her, leaving her far behind....

    Double Play

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: Dan Vinton returned to Yardley after the Christmas vacation on an afternoon of one of those bright, warm days which sometimes happen along in the middle of Winter. As the train rumbled over the bridge, Dan caught a fleeting glimpse of Long Island Sou...

    The Hemlock Avenue Mystery

    类别:经典英文小说  作者: 未知  

    简介: Young Lyon, lounging in the Court House to make up his daily tale of items for the Waynscott News, was perhaps the only man who knew exactly how the quarrel between Lawrence and Fullerton began, though, when later events had made that quarrel take on...

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