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    The life of Friedrich Nietzsche

    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: The duel between Nietzsche and civilisation is long since over; and that high poet and calamitous philosopher is now to be judged as he appears in the serene atmosphere of history, whichneed it be said?he infinitely despised. The crowd, the common he...

    Life of Robert Stevenson

    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: The addresses made to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Institution of Civil Engineers, at the opening meetings of the session1851, contained obituary notices of Robert Stevenson. The late Alan Stevenson, his eldest son, also wrote a short Memo...

    The Man Who Found Himself

    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: King Charles Street lies in Westminster; you turn a corner and find yourself in Charles Street as one might turn a corner and find oneself in History. The cheap, the nasty, and the new vanish, and fine old comfortable houses of red brick, darkened by...

    Harriet Beecher Stowe

    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: At different times, doubt has been expressed whether the representations of Uncle Toms Cabin are a fair representation of slavery as it at present exists. This work, more, perhaps, than any other work of fiction that ever was written, has been a coll...

    A Lady of England-The Life and Letters of Charlotte Maria Tucker

    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: The principal mass of materials for this Biography was placed in my hands last summer by the Rev. W. F. Tucker Hamilton, nephew of Charlotte Maria Tucker (A. L. O. E.), and since then many other relatives or friends, both in England and in India, hav...

    Abraham Lincoln

    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: 亚伯拉罕林肯(Abraham Lincoln,1809年2月12日-1865年4月15日),美国政治家、思想家,黑人奴隶制的废除者。第16任美国总统,其任总统期间,美国爆发内战,史称南北战争,林肯坚决反对国家分裂。他废除了叛乱各州的奴隶制度,颁布了《宅地法》、《解放黑人奴隶宣言》...

    The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: In the month of August, 1841, I attended an anti-slavery convention in Nantucket, at which it was my happiness to become acquainted with Frederick Douglass, the writer of the following Narrative. He was a stranger to nearly every member of that body;...

    100 New Yorkers of the 1970s

    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: 《百位1970年代纽约人》出版于2005年,是由作者麦克斯米勒德为纽约本地报纸《电视信息报》所写的210篇人物专访中精选出一百篇结册,采访对象多为艺术界和娱乐界名人。人物专访往往具有一定的时效性,涉及诸多时代背景要素,会提及各种人物、地点、组织、事件等等。因此...


    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: I cannot, perhaps, more fitly begin this short biography than with some words in which its subject has expressed his own feelings as to the spirit in which such a task should be approached. Silence, says Wordsworth, is a privilege of the grave, a rig...

    Queen Victoria

    类别:英文名人传记  作者: 未知  

    简介: On November 6, 1817, died the Princess Charlotte, only child of the Prince Regent, and heir to the crown of England. Her short life had hardly been a happy one. By nature impulsive, capricious, and vehement, she had always longed for liberty; and she...

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